Friday, September 19, 2014

Kids and Electronic Calendars . . . Will it Work?

I can testify that students without AGENDA BOOKS make me very nervous! It is quite a change from writing down assignments in an organized spiral book to using the computer! There is nothing like drawing a fat black line through each To-Do List item with a Sharpie marker!

These kids are growing up in the age of technology, and they will be doing it all digitally regardless of how we oldies have done it since the beginning of time.
I've made it a point to teach my students HOW to set up and use their Google Calendars. All their academic classes are now added to their own and color coded, too. Students can CREATE their own events and practice checking out their calendars each day--just like we as grown ups have to.
One cool feature of Google Calendars I like is called TASKS.

Tasks allow students to type in their To-Do List Items and then "Draw a Line" through them when they are complete by checking the box in front of the words.  They can delete the whole crossed-off list when they get done. Tasks will stay up as long as you want--they are not a daily thing.

Here is the direct link to the "Setting Up Your Google Calendar" instructions for MY students on the Lightning Team: Google Calendar Instructions.

Tell me what YOU think about kids using electronic calendars instead of agenda books.

How about you? Do you use an electronic calendar or a paper calendar more?

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