Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mario Go Kart: First Week!

This week I feel like I have been Mario in the fast-paced world of education!
Get Course Requirement Form written, approved, signed, and printed; BETA Club announcements for news show and school blog; Seating Charts; New Students--Write more cards; Click, Click, Click--take first day pictures; Bright eyes and sighs from upperclassmen saying hello--my heart is melting! I miss those kids!!!; More Desks Needed; Magic Marker dead? Throw it away and grab another; BOLT/Community Time planned; Faculty Meeting in the cafeteria? Right now?; Hole-punch those worksheets; Locker stuck? Here, let me help!; Update Google calendar; Hey, I taught your sister! And YOUR brother!; Check on first-year teacher--you OK?; Stapler broken again??; Receipt BETA Club payments; No phone number on check?? Track down a dozen upperclassmen to get those phone numbers; Bulletin Board make-over; Special meeting for student at 10:30 a.m.--I'm There; Walk on the Right!; I'm missing a student. Yes, he was with the others last period. No, we can't find him. Think he went to the band room with 8th graders?; Take this to the Bookkeeper; Nutritional and affordable snacks to give kids at birthday celebration next Friday??? Let me think! How in the world are we gonna do this???; Missed your bus?; Take this to Guidance; Tell the team we're on Friday schedule; Nurse just called--go take your meds!; You lost your lunchbox?; More Bulletin Boards to do--How many are there?; Homeroom Transportation: Car or Bus? AM, PM or Both? Which Bus?; Lost your pencil pouch? Schedule Change again??; Here's a Sharpie--Put your name on EVERYTHING; What is Coach A's new phone number?; You want ME to do the Ice Bucket Challenge?; Hospitality Money? Just put in in this basket, I'll get to it later; Feet hurt--Think anyone will notice that I'm wearing Croc's with my dress?; Novella-email from concerned parent ALREADY?; Yes Ma'am, we'll take care of your baby! You can pick her up at 2:25 pm in the front carpool line. Really. Bye-Bye Now!; Welcome to the MixsonZone!
DING DING DING DING DING!!!!!! You're the WINNER!!!!!!!

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