Friday, July 25, 2014

Hands-On/Bodies-On Science

A couple of decades ago, I attended a conference workshop called Hands-On/Bodies-On Science which encouraged us as teachers to get kids making, moving, and modeling concepts with our hands and even our entire bodies. I made it my goal.
This morning I was reminded of this when reading "The Maker Movement" by Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary S. Stager (Learning & Leading, May 2014). The following inspired me to renew this effort with my students. "Some of the time-honored practices that were common in classrooms a generation ago--art, music, drama, woodshop, sewing, cooking, playing with and using real tools and craft materials--need to return to the daily experience of children trapped in schools with no time for anything but test prep."
Brainstorming each unit with other 6th grade science teachers would certainly help!

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