Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blogging for Kids!

My students will soon have their own blog on KidBlogger. . .  as a form of practice, I want them to report on things they are learning or wanting to do experiments on with and about plants.  So, if you are one of Mixson's kids, feel free to add your comments to this post.  ***Remember, use only your first name and last initial.  Do not give any personal information that could identify you.  And be sure to cite the title and author of the library book you found interesting/helpful.

From 5 Kingdoms to 3 Domains

Just as we once referred to the USSR as a country and now there are many more, so science is changing the way we look at classifying our living things. From the time I was a kid, I knew there were 5 kingdoms:  animals, plants, fungi, and then some others..... which are protists and monerans . . . I'm sure I couldn't remember the other 2 if I weren't actually teaching!
But now scientists are creating a new grouping:  DOMAINS.  Watch my video to learn how the classification system is changing.