Saturday, August 31, 2013

Word Cloud Art: Word Mosaic

I'm trying to find the best word cloud art for my students to use on their License to Learn project that we are doing on our Lighting Team.
This one is from and is called Word Mosaic:
I haven't use it before, but it was VERY easy to create.  The students can print thier creations from the computer lab, but they will be in black and white, so I'm trying to find one that creates --the best for our needs. NOTE: was BLOCKED by our server!!! Kids weren't able to use it!!!
Last year I used Tagxedo--which was WONDERFUL, but it isn't working on my Chrome book.  AND it requires an installation on the computers.  I forgot about all that work!  (I would have to log in to every single computer in the lab, download the install, get an install password, type in, etc.  Too much work!)  But they were gorgeous.  NOTE: didn't work on our server!!! Kids weren't able to use it!!!
WORDLE is also a fabulous word cloud generator--but it isn't supported on the Chrome books. 
 Kids were able to use!!!
Which word cloud generator do YOU like to use???

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