Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Does Your School Have Fun?

I was inspired by this article published in from BOB LENZ'S BLOG:

How Does Your School Have Fun? MARCH 19, 2013 Recently, I listened to a story on NPR's All Things Considered called"'Serendipitous Interaction' Key To Tech Firms' Workplace Design" that highlighted the cultures of innovation and creativity at Google and Facebook. The leaders of these organizations intentionally create opportunities for collaboration, learning and fun because they believe it will lead to the creation of better products and services.

I believe the Lightning Team that I am with at school--Christy Myllykangas, Sid Smith, and Jackie Cribb--have such talent that we could amaze ourselves!  The Welcome Back! video was just the beginning. The kids will respond in like kind--we can pull our their creative side ... and their joy will keep them learning!
Photo from Shannon Ryan--Whose family knows how to have fun

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