Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The FIZZ Flipped Classroom Training

For the past 9 months, I have really been wanting to FLIP my classroom--or at least try it for a while. The notion of Flipping involves video recording the lecture part of instruction for students to watch so they will have more time to do all the practice of learning in the classroom.  I even took a 10-hour professional development class on it last November with Dr. Chuck Holland at Richland 2. I tried it a couple of times, but didn't stick with it or feel very successful when my students took a quiz on the material I had "flipped". But I got really inspired to try it again when I heard Dr. Lodge McCammon speak at the SC Midlands Summit in June.  He had some great suggestions.
So, now I will apply for his free training & participate in his institute.  I have to make video of myself as a part of my application.  

This is the training I'm interested in doing:
FlippedClassroom Training Program
[t e a c h e r]

Facilitated by Dr. Lodge McCammon and Katie Gimbar
Supported by fizzedu.org, the Friday Institute and SAS

The purpose of the FIZZ Flipped Classroom Training Program is to provide teachers the time to explore and ask questions about flipped classroom practice and resources.
During this free 40-hour training you will be
publishing lecture videos and planning for class time. By
the end, you will be prepared to flip 20+ lessons.
Select one of our online programs below to get started.

Next 5-week training: August 10th - September 15th (application deadline is August 3rd). Click here to learn more!
New self-paced training is available - click here and check it out!

Read the 2013 Fizz FCTP Report here.

Embrace the disequilibrium.

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