Monday, July 1, 2013

Chromebook Shortcuts (More)

These shortcuts were posted on Thanks Susan Neal, for showing me the list!

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Page Shortcuts

Page Shortcuts
Page UpAlt + up arrow
HomeCtrl + Alt + up arrow
EndCtrl + Alt + down arrow
Scroll down the current web pageSpacebar
Print the current pageCtrl + P
Save the current pageCtrl + S
Reload the current pageCtrl + R
Reload from scratchCtrl + Shift + R
Zoom in on the pageCtrl and +
Zoom out on the pageCtrl and -
Reset to normal zoom levelCtrl + 0
Stop loading the current pageEsc
Bookmark the current pageCtrl + D
Find (Search the current page)Ctrl + F
View page sourceCtrl + U
Alt + Click on a linkOpens the link in a new background tab
Toggle the display of the Developer Tools panelCtrl + Shift + I
Toggle the display of the DOM InspectorCtrl +
Take a Screenshot of the Current PageCtrl + Switch window

Tab and Window Navigation

Open a New WindowCtrl + N
Open a New Incognito Window (Private mode: doesn’t keep track of history or cookies)Ctrl + Shift + N
Open a New TabCtrl + T
Open a FileCtrl + O
Close the current tabCtrl + W
Close the current windowCtrl + Shift + W
Reopen the last tab that was closedCtrl + Shift + T
Go to a specific tabCtrl + (1 – 9)
Go to the last tab in the windowCtrl + 9
Go to a specific windowAlt + (1 – 9)
Go to the last open windowAlt + 9
Go to the next tabCtrl + Tab
Go to the previous tabCtrl + Shift + Tab
Go to the next open windowAlt + Tab
Go to the previous open windowAlt + Shift + Tab
Go back (previous page in history)Backspace, or Alt + Left arrow
Forward (next page in history)Shift + Backspace, or Alt + Right arrow
Open the link in a background tabCtrl + Click on a link
Open the link in a new tab and switches to the new tabCtrl + Shift + Click on a link
Open the link in a new windowShift + Click on a link

Editing Shortcuts

Select allCtrl + A
Select the text in the address barCtrl + L or Alt + D
Select next word or letterCtrl + Shift + right arrow
Select previous word or letterCtrl + Shift + left arrow
Move to the start of the next wordCtrl + right arrow
Move to the start of the previous wordCtrl + left arrow
Page upAlt + up arrow
Page downAlt + down arrow
Undo the last actionCtrl + Z
Copy to the clipboardCtrl + C
Cut to the clipboardCtrl + X
Paste from the clipboardCtrl + V
Paste as plain text without formattingCtrl + Shift + V
Delete (forward delete)Alt + Backspace

Browser Settings and Navigation

Show or hide the bookmarks barCtrl + Shift + B
Open file managerCtrl + M
Open history pageCtrl + H
Open downloads pageCtrl + J
Open task managerShift + Esc
See list of available keyboard shortcutsCtrl + Alt + /
Visit the help centerCtrl + ?
Configure monitor displayCtrl + Full screen
Move focus to the top-right status area without using the mouseShift + Alt + S
Open the wrench menuAlt + E
Toggle accessibility features (when not signed in with a Google account)Ctrl + Alt + Z
Note: This article applies to both the Acer Chromebook and Samsung Chromebook.
We hope this Chromebook hotkey list has been helpful. While this list includes mainly the shortcuts most people are most likely to use, we have eliminated a few of the more esoteric shortcuts for simplicity’s sake. Remember, to see the complete list of all available keyboard shortcuts on your Chromebook, press Ctrl + Alt + ? at any time.

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