Friday, June 14, 2013

Chrome Tips and Shortcuts

Janine Sears presented Chromebook in the Classroom which gives lots of resources for using the Chromebooks.  We were provided the link to The Chrome Story which includes hundreds of uses for Chrome as well. (Do I have HOURS to check out all the stuff listed?)
Chrome Shortcuts:  I've been using the Chrome browser and Google for a year, and mastered the cut, copy, and paste shortcuts (control x, c, and v, respectively).  But I learned a few more good ones I want to memorize, too.  In additon, my Chromebook doesn't have a page up, page down, or delete key--so I need to memorize these, too!

Master Shortcut List = CONTROL + ALT + ?
{While there, hold down the CONTROL, SHIFT, or ALT buttons  (or combinations of these) to see MORE shortcuts.}
UNDO = Control + Z
FIND = Control + F (It finds any words for you--try it!  Type in shorcuts!)
SELECT ALL = Control + A
SAVE = Control + S
DELETE = Alt + Backspace
PAGE UP/DOWN = Alt + Up/Down Arrows
Top of Page/HOME or Bottom of Page/END = Control + Alt + Up/Down Arrows
Right Click = tap 2 fingers on the mouse pad
ZOOM = Control + + or -
SCROLL Up/Down/Side to Side = two fingers on the mouse pad and slide up/down/side to side
SPELL Correct (when the red-line pops up) = 2-fingered click on underlined word

You are welcome. My pleasure.

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  1. Seriously, which hint/shortcut is your new favorite???